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On Being a (Minor) Celeb

Well, not really, but I’m proud to report that we have become minor celebrities in this tiny village and the small towns around it.

On Friday morning, Nath’s aunt–let’s call her Marrie-Pierre, to match her husband’s given name (by me) of Pierre–screamed out of her porch (as she always does) to Nath’s mom that “les Americains sont sur le journal.”  Yes, the Americans–meaning Laura, Tim and I–were indeed on the local newspaper, La Provence.  

Laura, Me and Tim at the Foire

Laura, Me and Tim at the Foire

(*Click for bigger image)

(Dont’ you love the fact that our pic appears right next to an ad for pet breeding and grooming services?)

Not that it was any news to us.  In fact, we knew full well that on that fateful day, we would move from anonymity to celeb status; we would be mobbed by crowds of three people and be stopped for autographs and pictures.  All that, because just the day before, when we were visiting the Foire de Lavande, a mix of food and craft stands as well as a trade show (guys trying to sell pools and massagers, that kinda thing), we were stopped by a bearded guy carrying all kinds of gadgets.”Je suis journalist,” was all we understood in the jumble of unknown French words.

Hmmm, very suspicious, I thought, and  I doubted he was a real journalist; instead believing that he was a con artist.  But then I remembered we are not in the 3rd world or Italy anymore, so I eased up.  This is France, after all. And the 80s tape recorder that the guy was holding up to our mouths (though Diesel claims it was NOT on) gave him some sort of credibility.

Between my poor French, Laura’s patience and hand gestures, and Tim’s nodding of the head, we somehow managed to answer the reporter’s questions. Well, by “we” I really mean Laura. Whereas Tim and I were referred to in the article as “un couple d’amis,” Laura had her name printed on the paper with more specifics such as her occupation and purchases of the day (I know, very exciting material indeed!).  Sure, I was disappointed that Tim’s and my presence was treated in such a cursory manner, but I totally understand that a dynamic New Yorker who works in PR makes for a much more appealing subject than a couple from far-away Seattle that works in the geek-industry–and is actually currently unemployed.

Laura Being Interviewed by the Reporter

Laura Being Interviewed by the Reporter

After the reporter found out we were American, he wholeheartedly thanked us and the rest of the United States, for saving Normandy…and France…and Europe, for that matter. We didn’t really know what to say, but politely thanked him for his thankfulness and proceeded with the interview (I have encountered other Frenchies who were equally thankful to the U.S. for saving Europe.)

My goal, as you all know, has always been to be on TV, but being on a French newspaper article with a whopping circulation of say, 2,000 people people totally makes up for that.

 So imagine how happy I was when the next day, Nath’s aunt once again yelled out of her porch:  “La americaine est encore sur le journal ce matin.”  And then she pointed at me to clarify she was talking about moi and Nath!  Me!!!  Again!!!  So ok, even though this article didn’t even mention me at all like the previous one, it DID have a pic of Nath and I watching the pig race.  There I was.  Again!!! 

Me (in Blue, with Camera) and Nath (in Pink) Watching the Pig Race

Me (in Blue, with Camera), Nath (Next to Me, in White) & her Mom (Behind, All Looking Surprised)

(*Click for bigger image)

Compare it with a couple of pictures taken by Laura  from a similar angle:

Men (Including André, Naths Moms Cousin, Who Provided All the Pigs for the Race) Fan the Pigs to Make them Run

Men (Including André, Nath's Mom's Cousin, Who Provided All the Pigs for the Race) "Fan" the Pigs to Make them Run


4 Responses

  1. what happens to the winner?

  2. oh my god. i am laughing so hard right now. well written!

  3. You’ve been on TV! I thought you were on the Today show once. And how could you forget being in the background while Good Morning America (was that it??) filmed a segment for Zillah Wine Country (even though none of us were able to catch the airing). I’m still mad at them for not sharing their craft services with us after we agreed to be the ‘background people’ so it looked busy, hehe.

    I do think this tops both of those appearances though, simply by the fact that you got ‘fans’ out of it 🙂

  4. LOVE it!!! You guys will never be able to visit France without being mobbed! 😉

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