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Our Meals in China (Part 4)

Well, I wish I had more pictures for Chengdu, but I don’t.

The thing Chengdu has going for it, other than Sichuan cuisine, of course, is the whole lazy tea house culture. There were people all over just sitting around during the middle of the day drinking tea, playing mahjong or cards or just chatting. It was great. We even met some old granmas and talked about when the communists took over. bad times for them as they were educated and the communists didn’t like the educated. Interesting stuff

So the one meal that really sticks out in Chengdu wasn’t anything fancy, but it was a nice restaurant near the WengZu temple. The deep fried fish we had there, about 10 cm long and spiced up were delicious and not at all fishy, which chinese fish tends to be…especially this far inland. The thick pot of mushrooms was also good…

Spicy Fried Fish

Oh yea, those little balls of tofu and custard were delicious as well. Very creamy, soft and silky…

We topped it all off with some crispy fried pancakes of green onions and pork

We also tried out the local tea-smoked duck (this is where it comes from) and mapo tofu (ditto). There are places that just specialize in this stuff and it doesn’t disappoint..

Notice the topping. It seemed to be a big of corriander, cumin and pepper. Very nice

Tea-Smoked Duck – If you live in NY, you can find a good version of this at Spicy and Tasty in Flushing..

After Chengdu, we headed off the X’ian, known for a soup you crumble a really hard bread into. FIL and wifey didn’t think it was that great, but I liked it. if you combine both big and small pieces into the soup, then it thickens up AND it tastes like soup crackers in a really good lamb broth. It’s simple food, but good, though the real reason to come to X’ian is for the Terracotta Warriors and they do not disappoint, but that’s for the non-food blog post.

Now who says I’m not handsome with a beard?!

Soup and Bread

Dumplings on the run. I think this bag cost less than $1 USD.

Street Dumpling Stall and the women who run them.


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