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Our Meals in China (Part 3)

After a couple days of touring around Dali, which is a beautiful town btw. I highly recommend that you stay there for 3 or 4 days if you are heading to Yunnan. Just grab a bike and get out of town. Lots to see as farmers work all the local fields and life moves slow.

But we couldn’t be slow because we needed to get to Lijiang. We didn’t yet know that our plans to go to Tibet were not going to happen.

Lijiang, in my opinion, is like Ancient China Disneyland. I don’t really like it as it is mobbed with Chinese tourists and is now really catering to this crowd. But some people love it so maybe you shouldn’t trust me. We did see whole suckling pig on the spit and other good things, but the prices were sort of out of touch with China and nothing looked like it was being prepared with too much skill or care.

My favorite dish was probably what can only be described as a Chinese Breakfast Burrito. We picked them up from a cart one early morning. It was rice paper wrapped around a Chinese doughnut, bean sprouts and hot sauce/chili oil and it was really good.

We did have some nice meals in Shangrilia. In particular at a Korean place (we were really craving bibimbap) and at a dumpling and noodle soup spot run by Manchurians. The best dumplings we’ve had so far, not including the Shao Long Bao from Yang’s here in Shanghai

Onto the pictures…

At the market in Shangrilia. This was one of the dirtiest markets I’ve been to and with deformed dogs walking around, it did NOT make for a good atmosphere. I seem to remember even getting a little queasy at the end because of it – though I’ve yet to get sick from eating in Asia

Chopping up a duck for us. Total price: 10 yuan ($1.50)

Duck in the bag, rice and veg

Ugh. Sorry for the poor photo. This was hot and spicy dumpling soup made by a nearby soup lady – there were several. She also threw in some pig rinds. Pretty good, cheap and contained about 20 dumplings!

The soup lady. She would keep a pot of the meaty, red chili sauce going to the side and then dump some of it towards the end into the pot containing the water and the noodles. I was worried that it would be too watered down but it wasn’t.

The dumplings for my soup. I couldn’t believe how many she put in.

That’s a little better…

Ever wonder how they make Yak Butter Tea? Well from Yak Cheese, of course. It isn’t too far off from an extra sour goat cheese, but Yak Butter Tea is really thick and tastes a lot like, well, butter. My limit is one cup….

I wish SAFEWAY sold cuts like this…

This being a market, there was of course lots and lots of veg…

One night in Shangrilia, after a particularly frustrating day of watching our plans for Tibet go down in a big flaming pile of shite, we went out to watch the old people dance in the town square…and then picked up some blood sausage and mushroom skewers in hot sauce and followed it all up with a visit to a small dumpling restaurant where the family was just finishing up for the night. I’m glad they let us in because the homemade noodle soup (they used a pasta machine to flatten and cut the noodles) with its chewy noodles and super spicy sauce along with the steamed and fried dumplings were a meal I won’t forget for awhile. Simple, but oh so good….and served with a smile that awaited your approval…

Fresh Noodle Soup

Blood Sausage Skewer

Other Offerings…

Making Dumplings and other Dishes


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  1. mmmmm… blood sausage skewer….

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