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Our Meals in China (Part 2)

After Hong Kong, we took a quick 2 hour Hong Kong express flight to Kunming, Yunnan Province where we would spend the next couple weeks traveling to Dali, Lijiang and Shangrilia. The food was excellent in Kunming and Dali, mediocre in Lijiang and pretty good in Shangrilia, including a few favs. Here we go….

We stayed at the Mingdu Hotel (200 yuan) in Kunming and breakfast was included. I still don’t go head on into Asian breakfasts. I tried but finally gave up in Laos. My belly prefers yogurt and fruit to steamed veggies, fatty pork and noodles. But we wouldn’t see an American or Euro style breakfast for awhile so I had to give in a bit. I’m glad I did because the hotel had some of the best noodles I’ve had in China. Really surprising, good stuff made to order with lots of heat and my belly handled it well. Wish I would’ve taken more pictures there.

Breakfast at Mingdu

We were only in Kunming for a couple of days and we just walked around by the old pagodas and market. We picked up some just made peanut butter that we would eat for the rest of the trip for i think 2 or 3 yuan (50 cents)

Making Peanut Butter

The last night we had a wonderful meal at a 4 table restaurant 2 min away from the hotel that the FIL had spotted the night before. The restaurant had about 20 or 30 containers of fresh produce and protein and you could just walk up, point to what you wanted and they would make it for you. I thought this was a really novel concept and was pretty excited y the whole thing. Turned out this restaurant was not unique and for the next two weeks we’d see tons of restaurants just like this.

But nothing to complain about. The food was good. Everything had a nice amount of heat and acid in it, something I miss being in Shanghai now. We picked out some stuffed peppers, dried fava beans, a whole fish and some cold DALI beer (no cooking required 🙂 Dinner for 3 came out to 45 or 50 yuan (6-7 USD).

Stuffed Peppers

Crispy Fish in Chili Oil – Amazingly not greasy for so much oil around it.

Fried Tofu in chili Oil –

Fried, dried favas with chili – this would be a good beer snack but not what I was expecting – I hadn’t realized the favas were dried when I selected them – guess I should look closer next time…or drink less

DALI beer – With chili oil, but luckily only on the outside 🙂


After Kunming, we took the long and uncomfortable minibus to Dali. I won’t tell you about that, let’s just get to more food.

FIL talked to the hotel staff of the hostel we were staying in and they pointed us to a hole-in-the-wall place down the street. Didn’t even look like a restaurant from outside but the bins of food inside, just like our Kunming restaurant (though twice as many here) gave it away. We sat inside a little compound and had a nice big lunch…

Here are the choices for your lunch…

Pork with green onions (used in all Yunnan food it seems) and eggplant? It isn’t eggplant, but check out the little yellowish veggie at the top of the pile of food. It adds a bitter/sour element to the dish. It doesn’t taste so good on its own, but does complement the dish well. I forget the name but can get it later..

The wife was craving fresh tofu so we got this dish that came with black fungus (one of my favorites) and a citrusy sauce.

This is what I had meant to get the day before. Fresh favas! I love em. Didn’t even bother to unwrap them, just ate them whole shell and all…

The FIL loves soup and so he ordered this eel looking fish soup to end the meal. Pretty good though I still have to get used to eating 20 of these eel looking things in a serving…

The next day we went back to this restaurant and ordered some different dishes but did not take any pictures…

Making dumplings…

Already made dumplings…

Making a Chinese Breakfast Burrito…

Finished and being consumed…

And finally, FIL decided he needed to take a hit off the bong from the guy who rented us a few bikes….


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  1. Foods look yummy, I’ve never eaten fava beans. Hahaha, FIL… bong.

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