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Beaching It

Sunset in Phuket

Sunset in Phuket



Kelly says we need to update the blog and she’s right. Our traffic is WAY down. Either this means our travels are becoming boring, we’re not writing enough and properly making it hard (ie two clicks) to get to our stories and boost our hit count or and most probably, the post about last year’s American Idol is finally dying and people are no longer searching on what’s his name anymore…

Here’s the update. We’re in Koh Phi Phi Don now. Koh Phi Phi is famous because that Leo DiCap film The Beach was filmed here. I say famous and the Thais certainly say famous but honestly I’m not sure anybody actually watched that film. Whatever. It’s a beautiful place, ya know, once you get outside of the ramshackle townie area of all foreigners, bars, massage parlors and guesthaus upon guesthaus.

Oh what am I saying. it is pretty much impossible to get outside of that area and still be on the island or on level ground. The farangs have taken over and now Phi Phi (pronounced pee pee – for whatever reason the “hi” sounds like e – Since Thais don’t use Roman characters I don’t know who spelled this island out in them and came up with basically an incorrect spelling – but I guess Ko Phi Phi looks better than Ko Pee Pee) is on eternal spring break. Everyday is cheap, beautiful beach, locked in the Andaman Sea and every night is a party.

Is this Thailand? I guess it is but you wouldn’t think so from all the tall, skinny blonde chicks walking around. Yup, that’s right. The Nordics are here in force. Not really a bad thing in my opinion…

But it ain’t so bad (did it sound bad?). You have to embrace and extend, as they say in the software world. I’m embracing my monster mojito that comes complete with free internet access in a bar that serves proper Guinness on tap in a pub made of stained wood and containing multiple 42″ Samsung LCD tvs playing soccer from somewhere in Europe. Could be EPL, Spanish League or UEFA based on the time of day and whatever was recorded.

Before we got here, we spent 7 nights in Phuket. Patong, Phuket to be exact. Patong is famous for bars, girls, bars and more girls. I think half of the young Thai woman population is in Patong. And they ain’t wearing much. A little bit on top, a little less below. IN every one of the several hundred bars (and no, I’m not exaggerating – the amount of bars is staggering though most only hold 20 people or so), young thai girls and from what I understand ladyboys (though I didn’t notice many – but maybe by ladyboydar isn’t working very well) try to get the attention of a red-faced westerner and well, not take THEM home exactly. More like be taken home. For a cost.

I don’t know how much it cost but I can’t imagine it is much with so much competition. It’s hard get a premium when you’re selling ice in the arctic, if you know what I mean. I tried to get Kelly to bring a few home but I was, as Suzy Orman says, DENIED.

For most of the time though, we spent it either learning to Dive during our 3 day PADI course or lounging on the private beach at the Le Meridien. It was a nice way to recoup and after 2 months of guesthauses.

Would I go to Phuket agian? Probably not and am a bit surprised we stayed there as long as we did, but it was nice and I’m glad we did.

Tomorrow, we head to Railey for some rock climbing and then Malaysia. I’m sure kelly will post something much funnier but at least now you know what we’re up to…


6 Responses

  1. it’s not me! I check your blog regularly!

  2. Me too!

  3. In Tarah’s words: Me too!

  4. hopefully your ladyboys were less obvious than ours. otherwise, your ladyboy-dar is definitely off!

  5. I always check your blog 😉 glad you updated!
    And I may be the only loser that saw ‘The Beach?’ I remember liking it…:)

  6. […] upload one month’s worth of pics and added a bunch to older posts like “Railey,” “Beaching It,” “THE Buffet” (scrumptious pics of the best meal of our lives),  “The […]

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