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Diesel has been strutting around and telling people (me and his parents) that he looks beautiful with his beard.  He also threatened to leave me for any Asian he finds here who will have him.  Usually, I would retort with “Nobody wants you anyway!  Only me!  Only meee!”  I know it’s a bit mean, but that doesn’t make it less true.  The job of a wife is to keep his ego in check, though around this part of the world, I think he might have a bit of a chance with so many women who are gold diggers or simply trying to leave this country.

Anyhow, after Diesel claimed that several people had commented that he looked handsome with his beard (and by several people he means Corinne and my mom!–as if moms counted), he has stubbornly decided to keep his beard.

So…we are counting on our friends to see if he should really keep it or not.  All votes count, and you can submit your vote anonymously if yoyuu think you might hurt his feelings.  But like I said, my husband does not have any self-esteem issues at all…

kelly-008And now for a close-up view



19 Responses

  1. I say no beard! I’ll check with Mac and let you know what she thinks!

  2. i’m with you, kel – no beard. i don’t want to stifle tim’s international appeal but…

  3. well it looks a little sparse, but I’m pretty sure ‘vacation facial hair’ is a legitimate habit (at least to the point it starts collecting food)

  4. Keep it. It should come off once he’s back in the States (unless you guys move to Willisamsburg, in which case, by the bylaws of neiborhood, he as has to keep it to reside there.)

  5. The travel beard is as old as traveling. I not only say keep it, but keep it growing! (Sorry Kelly, but I’m partial to t.b.’s)

  6. I’ll admit, the close-up shot is rather churlish but let’s just see how quickly your tune changes the first time you’re stranded and have to use it for bedding and shelter?

  7. I’m going with K on this one (sorry Diesel), a ‘NO’. It doesn’t look that bad, but I think significant others have some say in their mates’ facial hair and hairstyle (men for women). Nate started a mustache last month just to see what it looked like (yes, a mustache!) and if I’d notice. It took me a week to really notice (I thought maybe he just missed parts when shaving, at first) and for it to grow in enough to see a difference. I couldn’t stand it!! It took another week for him to shave it off, and I was so happy when he did. And on the same token he would freak if I changed my hair in a major way without letting him have a say (he’s lucky I like it long too, haha).

    K, if you really want him to get rid of it just tell him he looks older with facial hair 😉 (not true, but would work suprisingly well, I think).

  8. Also, the apostrophe in the word ‘mate’ was meant to be after the ‘e’, not the ‘s’, hehe.

  9. Sparse, as noted earlier, is somewhat generous. I vote totally with Kelly because one day Tim will realize who is in charge(ask your Dad!!). I just started following your travels since Dave and Cath got there. Very interesting and you better watch where you are walking before you get on a bus with them!!

  10. Althoug a little travel scruff is fine, I too am not a fan of facial hair. It hurts (Geoff’s feels like sandpaper) and it’s a distraction to your lady when she’s wanting some kissin’ and lovin’. Perhaps Kelly should stop shaving her legs in protest!

  11. Ok, the following is the view of my husband and in no way changes my own vote, which is above: Nate wants to give a ‘yes’ vote for the beard and says tim is on vacay and should be able do whatever he wants.

  12. Keep it.

    Beards are hot.

  13. No beard! Though (maybe) it’s kinda cool, but I think he def looks better without beard! haha, go kelly!! Make him shave it off!!

  14. No beard… ew…. Kissing a bearded man isn’t as fun as a smooth faced man. You want Kelly to kiss you right?!

    I agree with Regina, stop shaving your legs Kelly.

    (FYI, Jeff has shaved off his gottee, so I speak from experience here.)

  15. Kenzie says shave it!

  16. sorry kelly, but i am a fan of any beard.

  17. uh, no.

  18. Wow! Sooo Many facial hair hates, amazing. I hate mustaches, seriously, nobody looks good with one. But beards/goatees, I like. Always have, always will. This is a different look for him, but he pulls it off really well.

    Keep it! 🙂

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