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    Born to Run by Christopher McDougall - (K) Humorous and thorough history and science behind ultrarunners and long-distance running
    Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela - (K) An autobiography covering his childhood, years as a freedom fighter and incarceration. Inspiring and informative
    The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón - (K&T) A mystery set in Barcelona involving an old book, a failed writer and murder
    Lush Life by Richard Price - A Lower East Side tale of cops, drugs and drinking
    The Chinese by Jesper Becker - (K&T) Modern history of my peeps, from the cultural revolution to the many failed economic and social attempts to move the country forward
    Setting the Table by Danny Meyer - A "how-to" on hospitality and business acumen by the restaurateur behind such NY institutions as the Shake Shack and Union Square Grill
    The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama - Obama lays out what is wrong with the current government and how, vaguely, to change it.

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Snedecker Wedding, Back in NYC, Drew Here

We’re back in NYC after about a week in the NW for me and a few days for Kelly. Our trips back are usually pretty busy and this one was no exception. I was going back for work as well as to attend my friend Gabe’s wedding as a groomsman. On top of that, the weekend before our house renters decided that they wanted to move out on July 1. Finding a new renter was paramount to the trip. So, if you didn’t hear from me or Kelly, it was because our plates were incredibly full. But no worries, we’re back in July for 3-4 weeks! More to come on that later.

We were pretty lucky on the rental side. I put an ad on craigslist and got azbout 40 email and phone responses. I was going to try and setup individual showings but once I saw the response, I just decided to do an open house and give the house to the first renters who qualified. The general open house must have scared people off because only about 3 sets showed up (though about 4 others called to say they couldn’t make it and wanted to see it later). Luckily, they all wanted to apply and we found a young couple that would be perfect for the house. So far, we’ve been incredibly lucky with renters and I’m hoping this won’t change. I only wish the renters would stay in longer than a single year. It’s a pain to turn the house, especially from NY.

Next up was the Snedecker wedding. BJ and I left Seattle on Friday afternoon at around 5pm, stopped by Mens Wearhouse in Northgate to pick up my tux and then hit the Whidbey Island ferry, stopping by a grocery store on the way to get food for the grill and some beer. It only took us about 30 minutes to get on the ferry and 20 minutes later we were unloading.

I have to say, Whidbey Island always seemed what my friend CG would call “unterklasse”. I don’t know where I came up with this idea because it was beautiful on this trip and not unterklasse at all. Or maybe I’m just unterklasse. Who knows.

Anyway, Gabe had rented a cabin overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca and just a few steps from the beach. For the next 36 hours it would be bbqing on the patio, sharing beers with good friends, bon fires on the beach and coffee in the mornings watching the container ships head out to sea. It was a perfect NW weekend and it made me miss summers in Seattle. A lot. We’re enjoying NY, but I have to say, I really miss the NW.

Despite inclement weather all week in Seattle, the sun came out on Saturday and Sunday and the temperatures were perfect for a wedding, hovering around 70-72 degrees. The ceremony was held at the Freeland Hall, on the water and in the trees. If you’re looking for a wedding site, this is one of tghe best I’ve seen. Getting here isn’t too bad and the location is awesome. See more pics on flickr.

We stayed until about 5pm, but then had to high-tail it home to catch the redeye back to NYC. Half and ambien and 5 hours later we’re landing and on our way home. The next day, I went to JFK to pick up Andrew, my son, who is staying with us for the next 3.5 weeks. Heads-up, jetBlue at JFK is a mess right now as they build the new terminal, but Drew appreciated the DirecTV on-board so I guess it was all worth it.

Yesterday we went to Shake Shack and waited for about 25 minutes in line. I was worried about Drew not “getting it”, but he loved the burger and wants to go back for more, even stating that he’d wait in line for an hour for that burger. Good news! We also went to the Empire State Building, which I had never been to before. It is a historic building and I’m glad I went, but what a blight on the tourist experience. There are endless lines and the whole time they are pitching you on buying maps, pitctures, express line passes, a virtual reality experience, etc. It’s atrocious and I wonder what kind of impression it gives to visitors. I will never go back or recommend it.

Today we’re up for noodles in Chinatown and then a culture visit to Wall St and the place where George Washington took the otah of office. Tonight, we have tickets for Circue something: Jungle Dreams on Broadway. I’m afraid it is going to be pretty cheesy but hopefully Drew will like it. Wish us luck!


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