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    Born to Run by Christopher McDougall - (K) Humorous and thorough history and science behind ultrarunners and long-distance running
    Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela - (K) An autobiography covering his childhood, years as a freedom fighter and incarceration. Inspiring and informative
    The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón - (K&T) A mystery set in Barcelona involving an old book, a failed writer and murder
    Lush Life by Richard Price - A Lower East Side tale of cops, drugs and drinking
    The Chinese by Jesper Becker - (K&T) Modern history of my peeps, from the cultural revolution to the many failed economic and social attempts to move the country forward
    Setting the Table by Danny Meyer - A "how-to" on hospitality and business acumen by the restaurateur behind such NY institutions as the Shake Shack and Union Square Grill
    The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama - Obama lays out what is wrong with the current government and how, vaguely, to change it.

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Oh Shame, Oh Shame, I’m So Ashamed…

Last Monday I did something that will forever live in infamy, something that will cause me to always look back with shame, embarrassment, and mostly, disgust. And then, as if that one episode wasn’t enough, I took it up one notch.

It all started innocently, with dinner with Molly and Wendy from my book club. We went to Republic, by Union Square. I ordered the Phad Thai, still on my search for Thai food that is on par with Seattle’s amazing SE Asian cuisine. My dish was pretty good and rather satisfying. With all good intentions, I avoided stuffing myself and packed the overage home.

I took the F train home, and after coming out, I saw it (halleluiahs playing):


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A Weekend All by Myself

It’s been a while, but this past weekend, I had plenty of time to catch up with moi-self.

I went on a run with my running partner, Shelley. She nonchalantly told me that she is meeting Anna Wintour, chief-editor of Vogue. ANNA WINTOUR! VOGUE! OMG, OMG, OMG!!! That’s what was going on in my head, although I was quite subtle in my demeanor.

Some of us can talk about their exciting upcoming meeting with a fashion icon, and some of us can only talk about their last pig out session. But c’est la vie.
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4 Days of Vacation & The End of La Technique

Just a quick post before I leave on basically a week of vacation, though I am managing to work a day or so in there. I’m heading to Phoenix this afternoon after a meeting in mid-town to see Andrew and my parents and then I’m heading to Colorado for a few days, returning back to NYC on Sunday night. The first day in Colorado is actually business but then I have six days of driving around Colorado for a bachelor party. Five of us are going to A-Basin, Aspen, Silverton and possibly Winter Park. I see riding around because I’m technically not supposed to strain myself so soon after the appendectomy. Is it mean to say that I’m happy another friend is also injured because it means I’ll have company in the lodge?

Also, I ‘graduated’ from La Technique yesterday. We made a big shellfish feast of lobster, mussels in multiple sauces, oysters, ceviche, etc. The class is over and with it, my Tuesdays and Thursdays free up. I did learn quite a bit in the class, though I’m not sure it was justified by the cost. I also met a few people that I’ll hopefully stay in touch with. I think the main thing to do now is start making the stuff we made in class so I can practice the technique. I know I didn’t blog much about the classes at the end, but I’ll try and post something soon with a recap. In short, the pastry classes were more fun that I anticipated (despite my anorexic puff pastry) and the short ribs were a total let down.

More to come…

Loving It

Combining her passion for cooking, eating and the Internet, delicious:days is the brainchild of Nicky and Oliver, a German couple recording their cooking experiences in their Munich home. This blog is full of wonderful recipes–Nicky is working on publishing her first cookbook–and a beautifully photographed food gallery. Nicky and her partner’s culinary adventures include dishes from all over the world, from tamales, to curries to German favorites such as Käsespätzle (the picture is from her website). I think I might try to make it one day. I’ve made Käsespätzle before, but never dared making the pasta from scratch. At some point, I even got myself a Käsespätzle maker, but I think the contraption was left in Seattle during our move.

And once again, I’m coming late into the game, as delicious:days has already been discovered by mainstream media: it was named one of the “100 Coolest Wesites” by TIME back in 2006. Whether you like being ahead of the curve or not, this blog is definitely worth drooling over.

Beeing with Bea

After the Revolution left last Monday, it was time for some more cleaning around here, as Bea was scheduled to arrive last Thursday. Bea currently lives in London, but I met her at work when she still lived in Seattle. I was excited about her visit, as I haven’t seen her in a couple of years.

Here are some highlights of her stay here (according to me, not her): Continue reading

Oh! Taisho

Almost as soon as I wrote the last post on my bad food luck as of late and poor appetite, I found myself in the Upper East Village searching for something to eat. Where to go, solo. I ended up at The Dumpling Man, which is basically a cross between chinatown dumpling shop and a trendy east village eatery. In other words, it is the kind of place where you pay $9 for 10 “specialty” dumplings, a price many times what you would pay in Chinatown. What do you get for this extra money? Well, you get a clean, non-fluorescently lit shop with specialty colas and weird dumpling flavors prepared by 3 Chinese women who are literally on display. The whole thing is a bit odd, but I was happy to see that after eating a few dumplings and NOT feeling sick that my appetite was back. Sweeeeet. Personally, I wouldn’t go back to this place. The dumpling skins are too thick, though the pumpkin dessert dumplings sound interesting…

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Status on Diesel

diesel at the hospital

For those of you who are wondering, Diesel is doing well. His scar is healing well, and his appetite is big again–which is definitely a sign of recovery and gluttony, in the case of Diesel. Thank you for your good wishes.