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My Pick for American Idol This Year…

David Archuleta

is David Archuleta. With a voice that tickles your ears, and looks that make your heart beat faster, he’s become one of the judges’ darlings and will certainly become one of America’s sweethearts. Plus, doesn’t he remind you of a young John Mayer (pre-bimbos such as Jessica Simpson)?


34 Responses

  1. Awww, be nice to Jessica …;) You’re right though, John has quite the track record for dating, guy has been around the block, hehe.

  2. he’s my favorite too!!! I’m gonna marry him!

  3. Hey now… lay off John Mayer!

  4. His voice is amazing!
    He has been singing for many years now on tv, but this really
    gave him the attention he needed.

    I really hope he wins, I think he already has!
    I mean he sings great all 3 judges love him and so
    do the crowd, and lets face it, HE IS SO GOOD LOOKING!

  5. David Archuleta is wonderful, mormon & gay. And none of those things makes a difference when it comes to talent. Look at Billie Joe Armstrong (Lead Singer of Green Day) who admitted to being bisexual not too recently even though married, George Michael, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie (B=Bisexual), Boy George, Marc Almond (Soft Cell), Joan Baez, Lance Bass, Andy Bell (Erasure), Björk (B), Roddy Bottum (Faith No More), Pete Burns (Dead or Alive), Neneh Cherry (Bisexual), Ani DiFranco, Melissa Ethridge, Samantha Fox, Sam Harris, Sophie B. Hawkins, Janis Joplin (B), Levi Kreis, k.d. lang, Liberace, Johnny Mathis, Ricky Martin, Sinéad O’Connor, Phranc, Pink, Lou Reed, Fred Schneider (B-52s), Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters), Jimmy Somerville, Michael Stipe (R.E.M.), Dusty Springfield, Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys), Stephen Trask, Gus Van Sant, Rufus Wainwright, Pete Wentz (B), and that is just musician who admit it!

    Imagine all of the musicians who have NOT come out, and the actors, artists, writers, film directors, etc.

    Anyway, vote for David Archuleta’s talent – because it is there – and I predict he will win American Idol!

  6. omg do not tell me david is gay! :O
    he’s tooo cute to be gay! aww..i had just gotten my hopes up..

  7. I going to marry David a folr sure we look so cute together!!!!!(-: You wont be marry him lauren

  8. David you are the sewwt heart of the american Idol you are great and cutie pie.

    We vote for you a Million times ok

  9. I’m from Indonesia
    I like David Archuleta,because:
    1.he is cute
    2.his voice is amazing
    3.he is still teen
    4.he is very cute
    5.he is handsome
    6.and manymore
    I hope he will win American Idol and come to indonesia
    I love you so much David

  10. I’m from Indonesia
    I like davis archuleta because:
    1.he is sweetest
    2.he is cutest
    3.his voice is amazing
    4.he is still teen
    5.he is good singer
    and manymore
    I hope he will win American Idol
    and also I hope he will going to Indonesia

  11. he is a sweetie pie

  12. i am in love with david archuleta!! ❤
    i’m going to marry that boy someday!
    he’s absolutly perfect and has everything
    you can ask for! can’t beat that!

  13. i love david archuleta sooooo much it’s like aaahh he has a beautiful voice and he’s soooo cute and i just can’t stop smiling eerytime i see him sing..he will be the next american idol! no doubts about it! i love him tooo muchh it’s unexplainable=)

  14. david is the most amazing person i’ve ever seen. i’m not gonna hallucinate and tell everyone that he’s gonna be my husband, but yeah, i would want to marry someone like him lol. what more could a girl ask for? decent, talented, er.. perfect.

  15. omg david is amazing….he not only has the best voice i’ve ever, but he is the hottest most adorable boy on the face of the planet!!!! go david archuleta ,the american idol 4 sure!!!!

  16. amazing is not enough to describe david archuleta….
    perfect is not enough to describe him….
    he is so cute and wonderful, i don’t know which word can reflect him….
    go david archuleta!!!! i believe u can be the next american idol 4…..

  17. omgg! i love david archuleta!! and laruen…back off im already married to him!! lolol.

    i LOVE(L)
    :D:D YAY MEE!!

  19. What’s with this “he’s too cute to be gay”? What the h_ll.

    Give up people. There are many many many good-looking, talented, successful, well-grounded, wonderful people who are
    gay. You are in such denial. Quit undermining others who have a different sexual orientation than you.

    Go David Archuelta!

    A happily married heterosexual with a wife and 4 children.

  20. i love david so much! i cry everytime i hear him sing.. he is deff gonna win in my eyes.

  21. OFMG DAVID ARCHULETA=MY LIFE! HE IS SOOOOO HOT AND OMFG HIS VOICE IS LIKE…omfg. i nearly cried when i heard him sing “imagine” its just like wow. as i said David Archuleta=omfg. so um all the girls that decided they were going to marry him um….taken!! 🙂

  22. 🙂 <~~~ kewl didnt know i could to that, well this is for david 😉

  23. ~~~~> 😉 ( flirty wink…lol)

  24. i’m from indonesia. i just wanted to say “David you are so sweet! and i hope i will marry with david.”
    D= do the best
    A= amazing boy
    V= varioust boy
    I= i will suport you to the next american idol
    D= don’t worry! your fans will suport you! go David go David go!

  25. i’m from indonesia,,,
    david i love u…..!!

  26. ok first of all, david is definitely cute… maybe even hot… and enormously gifted with a talent… i dont think he’s gay though… i know it might be quite impossible for a straight guy to be that well-mannered and shy or whatever… since hormone usually drives them nuts by this age… but didn’t you ever think that his upbringing (by his parents) was the cause of all his lovable attitude? come on guys! just because he’s not all over girls at this age doesn’t mean his gay!! and that thing about him being a mormon, so what? i’ll gladly convert into one just for him… let the him rest and enjoy his fame! and by the way…. I LOVE YAH DAVID!!!

  27. […] then came my most famous post about David Arch-u-leta (intentionally misspelled) and I realized, this MySpace/Facebook generation feels no qualms about […]

  28. can you prove that he is gay? either way, david archuleta is clearly the most talented contestant. like many people say, he IS an angel. and his voice.. wow. talk about amazing. i get goosebumps everytime he performs! i just really, really hope david cook doesn’t win. i HATE that guy. he’s such a punk and just needs to leave! i’d like to see david a. and syesha in the finale but i have a feeling that’s not going to happen. so since that probably won’t happen, as sad as it is, i’d rather see jason in the finale with david a. instead of cook. even though you have to hold your breath during jason’s performances… i still like him better than cook. i just really cannot stand him. but i love david archuleta!


  29. Awww…!!
    C’mon guys!
    I Definitely Agree that David Archuleta is :
    Good Looking
    Has an Amazing Voice
    A Cutie Pie/Sweetie Pie?(Whatever)
    But he seemed to be a…. FRUITCAKE..
    But Vote for him
    I Really Think He’ll win the American Idol

  30. i love david archuleta he has an amazing voice and he is sooooooooooooooooooo hot maybe even sexy.i made a david archuleta well i made a cd of him singing songs on american idol.


    ♥ i love david archuleta♥

  31. Archie,

    you have the best voice EVER! im only 12, but you rock!
    plz get tht album out soon! i can’t wait to get it!

    before i go to bed, i listen to u on my ipod, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! im your biggest fan!

    best of luck!

    luv ya!

    ~=Rachel=~ age 12

  32. Archie,
    Omg i am in luv wit you. my friends say its unhealthy… teehee… i hav all of ur songs on my iPod and when you lost (which i still think is a mistake) i told my mom i wasnt going to school but she made me….. 😦 my room is decorated with u so its very prettyiful hahaa i am ur biggest fan its not normal 🙂 im only 12 tho

    ~Danielle (ILY SO MUCH!!!!!!)

  33. David Archuleta, don’t think he is gay, he is awesome, talented, and I think he should have won the american idol!, but things happen for a reason, maybe he wasn’t ready for the fame yet, however, he will definitely be a winner in everyone’s eyes. Go David, Go David and never stop dreaming.

  34. david archuleta is hott. end of story

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